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For one night only, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman reunite in Orlando, Florida!


Wrestlecon is proud to announce that on Saturday April 1st, the most celebrated, controversial and influential gathering of pro wrestling talents ever – Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman – The Kliq – will reunite for special ticketed event as part of a very unique once in a lifetime experience.


Separately, they are all stars who have headlined major PPV events and have changed the course of professional wrestling, but united, the quartet were instigators of the Monday Night War as well as masters of both the political and the performance art of professional wrestling.


For the first time ever, The Kliq will gather together for a special professional individual photo opportunity for fans at 3 PM, posing with fans in front of a professional backdrop and printed on a 8×10, creating a “Too Sweet” moment for their greatest fans!


Michaels, Hall, Nash and Waltman will then take to the stage for an exclusive, no holds barred 90 MINUTE Question and Answer session with fans, kicking off at 5 PM.  The Kliq will confront – as only they can – their collective past, present and future!  After the event, the Kliq is headed in the limo to the NXT show, so this will end in plenty of time for fans to make it to NXT Takeover: Orlando.


Again, this will be a special, private ticketed event with only 870 Kliq tickets available.


Ticketing Tiers are as follows:


*Front of the line privilege to Individual professional photo op with the Kliq; printed on an 8×10.
*Front row seating to 90 minute Kliq Q&A.
*EXCLUSIVE 30 minute limo ride with The Kliq following the Q&A!
*EXCLUSIVE group photo with The Kliq in front of the limo; printed on 8×10!
*EXCLUSIVE Limited Edition 18″x24″ Kliq poster pre-signed by all 4 members. This poster is made specifically and solely for this event.
*EXCLUSIVE ability to have one additional item of your choice signed by all four members of the Kliq prior to limo ride.
*Includes In/Out Privileges to the Event with use of the wristband


TIER TWO – Limited to 430 Attendees – $299.00 – ENTRY AT 2:45 PM
*Premium seating in rows 1-6 for the 90 minute Kliq Q&A.
*Professional group photo op with the Kliq; printed on an 8×10.
*EXCLUSIVE Limited Edition 18″x24″ Kliq poster pre-signed by all 4 members. This poster is made specifically and solely for this event.
*Includes In/Out Privileges to the Event with use of the wristband


TIER THREE – Limited to 320 Attendees – $159 – ENTRY AT 4:30 PM
*General admission seating for the 90 minute Kliq Q&A.
*EXCLUSIVE Limited Edition 18″x24″ Kliq poster pre-signed by all 4 members. This poster is made specifically and solely for this event.


TIER FOUR – Limited to 100 Attendees – $59.00 – ENTRY AT 4:30 PM
*General Admission seating for Q&A


All tickets for ONE NIGHT WITH THE KLIQ can be ordered NOW at  https://www.showclix.com/event/one-night-only-with-the-kliq.


Complete Details on the Wrestlecon 2017 Launch Party.

This March, Wrestlecon will take Orlando and on Thursday March 30th, our Launch Party will be grander than ever!


Wrestlecon is proud to announce that Hall of Fame announcer Jim Ross, the voice of professional wrestling will join all-time greats Sting and Ric Flair on stage, for the first time ever, together, celebrating professional wrestling’s biggest week of the year and taking part in a special, one of a kind Q&A Experience.


The Launch Party will commence at 4 PM on Thursday March 30th!


The last time Jim Ross joined Ric Flair on stage, history was made in controversial fashion, changing the course of professional wrestling forever.  Now the two reunite, with one of the most popular stars of all time – The Stinger – joining them!   This one of a kind Hall of Fame panel will be moderated by Lucha Underground’s Matt Striker, professional wrestler and unabashed pro wrestling nerd and historian.


Although Striker will be moderating, fan interaction will drive the event.  Have a question about the Clash of Champions in Greensboro?  Dusty?  Monday Nitro?  Bill Watts? Today’s pro wrestling landscape? The Big Gold Belt?  Nothing is off limits as these all-time greats – and you! – help usher in Wrestlecon’s biggest weekend, ever!


Tickets for the Wrestlecon Launch Party, priced at only $33 (in advance) are on sale now at www.Wrestlecon.com and are expected to sell out well in advance.


Please Note: Jim Ross and Ric Flair will be available for meet and greet opportunities on Friday March 31st.   Flair and Sting will be available for meet and greet opportunities on Saturday April 1st.  For complete details on those opportunities, check the Wrestlecon website for the latest information on Flair, Sting, Jim Ross and all of our guests and events at Wrestlecon 2017!


Wrestlecon is an annual pro wrestling gathering, bringing fans together with over 150 professional wrestling personalities from different eras, countries and wrestling promotions.  The 2017 edition in Orlando, Florida will feature meet and greet sessions, Q&A sessions, live events, and much more in the most unique fan-friendly environment ever designed for the die hard professional wrestling fan.  Founded in 2005, Wrestlecon has brought thousands upon thousands of fans face to face with their most beloved heroes and hated villains.  For more information, visit  www.Wrestlecon.com.



We are proud to announce the addition of a new corporate sponsor! Podcast Movement (podcastmovement.com) will be the official sponsor of our Entertainment Stage at WrestleCon. They also run an annual convention, held this upcoming year in Anaheim, California (August 23-25, 2017) to service the podcast industry. With so many great wrestlers/wrestling podcasts changing our landscape, this is a natural partnership between WrestleCon and the Podcast Movement.


The entertainment stage will be filled throughout the weekend with great content including a Live Art of Wrestling Podcast by Colt Cabana on both Friday and Saturday. Other talent will be announced over the next several months, but the entertainment stage will include comedy, panels, Q&As, and of course some more live podcasts! We’re excited to make the entertainment stage a featured part of the WrestleCon experience this year.

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WrestleCon is pleased to announce several of our live events for the weekend!


  • WrestleCon Kickoff Party with Ric Flair & Sting will be a live event on Thursday, March 30th at 4:00pm
  • Wrestle Pro will hold a live event on Thursday, March 30th at 8:30pm
  • Rev Pro (UK) will hold a live event on Friday, March 31st at 4:00pm
  • WrestleCon SuperShow will hold their annual live event on Friday, March 31st at 8:30pm
  • The Wrestling Revolver will be live on Saturday, April 1st at Noon
  • WrestleCon Women’s SuperShow will be live on Saturday, April 1st at 4:00pm
    The Women’s SuperShow will be FREE with your Saturday WrestleCon Admission.
    You can upgrade your seating to the front row for $20. You must have a Saturday Admission Band to attend.

  • Combat Zone will be live with “Best of the Best” on Saturday, April 1st at 8:30pm
    Reserved Seating and General Admission seating will be available for this event.

Official Hotels for Wrestlecon 2017

Staying at our official hotels, and specifically using our group codes when booking our rooms, allows us to continue to bring these events to you.   These hotels allow us to rent their group space (ballrooms) based upon the  room blocks we guarantee and our food and beverage consumption that we also have to guarantee. We understand that there is always a hotel room somewhere in the city that is cheaper, but we appreciate you helping us by staying in our official hotels. We personally visit these hotels before making them part of the official block to guarantee they are well maintained and/or they are located close to the events/locations we know you’re interested in attending.


All four of our hotels are located on or immediately off International Drive, which is really the epicentre of Orlando tourism. If you enjoyed the energy of downtown New Orleans, you’ll appreciate all the options that present itself on International Drive. This is a short distance from all the major attractions such as Sea World, Universal Studios, Universal Islands of Adventure, Wet and Wild, Disney, and certainly the center of all Orlando nightlife that happens at Pointe Orlando. Anything on international drive is easily accessible through the I-Ride Trolly system ($2/ride or a $9/unlimited 5 day pass) that runs up/down International Drive. Unless you’re looking to make Disney the primary focus of your trip (in which case Disney hotels are a fantastic option), there is no better place to make your base camp in Orlando than International Drive.


To give you an idea of how many cool things there are to do on International Drive, check out the following list provided by the I Ride Trolly Website:  http://www.iridetrolley.com/50ways/index.asp

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Please continue to follow us on Twitter @Wrestlecon for all updates