WrestleCon will take place at the San Jose Garden Hotel in San Jose, CA and will be held on Friday March 27th and Saturday March 28th.  Tickets are on sale now for all three Sessions at $31 each in advance (limited to 750), $40 if you wait to purchase at the venue and after we reach 750 presold. There will not be any walk up tickets for Session 3 as it will be sold out.
Session 1 is Friday, March 27th from 9am – 5pm
Session 2 is Saturday, March 28th from 9am-4pm
Session 3 is Saturday, March 28th from 7:30pm-approximately 1am and includes both the Wrestlecon Supershow and the “Colt and Friends” Late Night/Aftershow
Mania Moments Brunch is Sunday, March 29th from 10am til 12noon. Tickets to this event are $75 and must be purchased in advance.  Advance purchase for the brunch ends after capacity is reached or 10 days prior to the event, whichever occurs first.

Our host hotel will be the San Jose Garden Airport, and our secondary guest hotel is the Holiday Inn San Jose. Both are linked above for special WrestleCon rates.  We encourage you to use these hotels if possible, as they have made concessions that allow WrestleCon to hold our event.  These hotels were chosen because of their fantastic location and their access to the light rail system that connects all the WWE events during the weekend.
We learned several things from last year‘s convention that will be corrected and therefore this year:
1. There will be no registration/check-in process this year. Tickets will be issued electronically through EventBrite. You must print your EventBrite tickets and you will be scanned and banded at the event. No tickets are mailed.ther
2. All featured guests will be in a separate area than the ballroom to alleviate the congestion in the main room.
3. There will be maps distributed both online and at the event signifying the locations of all the talent/signings.
4. RG Promotions is banned from all future WrestleCon events. Not only did they fail to live up to their obligations as a vendor at the event, they failed to properly address issues after the event.
5. “Walk up” Admission tickets will be capped and potentially eliminated entirely. WE realize that trying to get both advance ticket holders and these walk up customers through the doors at the same time created unnecessary chaos. We have limited our advance tickets to 750 patrons per session.  There is no guarantee of entry to people that do not buy advance tickets.


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