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    August 12, 2014

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San Jose Garden Airport
1740 N. First Street.
San Jose, CA 95112


This is the host hotel for WrestleCon 2015! Stay here for the convention plus easy access to all the other events in San Jose!

The San Jose Hotel isn’t the prettiest, newest hotel in Silicon Valley. Think of the old TV show Melrose Place, where all the rooms surrounded the pool, where all the action happened and without all the beautiful supermodels that lived in the same damn complex, this is pretty much the same scenario without Heather Locklear. Although the rooms are pretty standard fare, there is 17 acres of greenery, paths, and a huge pool that anchors the complex. This is California, the pool is open year round and we’ll certainly figure out a way to get hot Knockouts in bikinis doing photo ops before we get there!.

Prior to being an independently owned hotel, this was an old Hilton Garden Hotel and its surviving (independently) as all the new larger chain hotels are building up in Silicon Valley. Nobody more than WrestleCon appreciates the spirit of independence exhibited at the San Jose Hotel in the shadows of the larger corporate giants that surround them.

The hotel is ideally located centrally between San Jose and Santa Clara and the VTA light rail line runs to the front door of the hotel (stop is called METRO). Literally you jump on the VTA and go 5 minutes north to Santa Clara (Levi Stadium and Convention Center both have VTA stops) or south to San Jose (door to door between HOF and RAW events held at the SAP Center). For those of you that fly in to San Jose, they also have a free shuttle service to/from the hotel. If you fly into San Francisco, simply take the CalTrain South to Santa Clara or San Jose and then jump on a VTA line to the front door of the hotel and avoid the fees of a taxi.

Click here for a Map of VTA


We’re not knocking the choice to bring Mania to Santa Clara/San Jose, but you better take a day trip or more to San Francisco at some point, and you certainly don’t want to try to drive the 101 and risk getting stuck in 4 hours of traffic. From this hotel, you jump on the VTA at Metro, connect/change at the CalTrain station and roll right into San Francisco in about one hour hassle free. Seriously, everybody should budget an extra day this week to explore San Francisco because it blows away anything else in the area in terms of things to see.

We understand that a hotel during Mania week is base camp to shower, sleep, and store all the merch you buy. The San Jose Garden Hotel fits the bill as being potentially the ideally located hotel to get ANYWHERE you’re headed that week. If you also happen to be attending WrestleCon, we’re TAKING OVER the hotel that week.